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Julie Heaney is the designated paralegal who is attorney Moore’s right hand in all phases of family law litigation. Ms. Heaney was the back bone of Moore Rabinowitz Law as she was the law firm’s first paralegal when Sheryl Moore and Adam Rabinowitz founded their law practice. Ms. Heaney assists with client communications, document management, and drafting correspondence and pleadings; she assists with all phases of family law litigation. Julie is compassionate, empathic, dedicated, and enthusiastic. Julie has a reputation for being an extremely hard worker.

Julie entered the legal field in 1989 and she brings a wealth of legal experience to Moore Rabinowitz Law. Her experience includes, but is not limited to, family law, civil litigation, criminal law, and federal court proceedings. Julie earned her degree from the University of Phoenix and she holds an Associate’s Degree in Education.

Julie is passionate about all animals, especially marine life. Upon retirement, Julie and her family plan to move to the west coast of Florida where she would like to volunteer at Clearwater Marine Aquarium and assist with protecting sea turtle nests. Julie enjoys spending time with her family. She loves watching true crime shows and she also loves spending leisure time at the beach.

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