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Paternity can be a tricky legal issue to navigate, whether you are a mother looking to establish paternity for child support purposes or a father seeking custody rights. At Moore Rabinowitz Law, we have more than 80 years of collective experience helping families resolve their legal disputes, and we can help you build a strong case for paternity no matter your circumstances. We will fight aggressively for your parental rights. We have consistently achieved great results for clients.

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Establishing Paternity — Voluntary Acknowledgement

When a married couple gives birth to a child, both those parents will be the legal parents of the child. However, if a couple is unmarried at the time of the child’s birth, the father must establish parentage formally, either through voluntary means or involuntary means.

If both the mother and the father agree on the father’s parentage, they simply need to sign a “Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity” form, which acknowledges the man as the child’s legal father. This acknowledgment becomes final 60 days after it has been signed, and neither parent can revoke it unless they go to court. This form is usually signed in the hospital when the child is born, but it can generally be signed at any point.

Establishing Paternity — Involuntary Court Case

A mother of a child, a potential father of a child, the child themselves, or the Florida Department of Child Support Services may choose to pursue a paternity case in court. Based on the results of a paternity test, a judge may choose to order the child’s father to pay child support or order that the father has a right to visitation with the child. Additional orders, such as the payment of legal fees, may result as well.

Why Establish Paternity?

There are several reasons you may want to establish paternity. For one, if you are a mother raising the child on your own, you can request child support from the father, which can help you better support and raise your minor child. The child may also be eligible for the father’s health insurance benefits or their government benefits (e.g., veteran’s benefits). Establishing a legal relationship also entitles your child to inherit from the father’s estate.

From the father’s perspective, if you and the mother are not on amicable terms, you will need to ask the court for the legal authority to obtain your share of parenting time with the child. You will also need to establish a legal relationship to obtain decision-making authority on behalf of your child. Only legal parents can assert these parental rights.

If you seek to establish paternity in South Florida, do not hesitate to contact Moore Rabinowitz Law. Our attorneys have decades of professional experience, and we are prepared to help you strategize an aggressive case for paternity. We are also highly experienced with matters like child support and custody, which ensures that we can lend a multilevel perspective to your case. Let us fight for your parental rights today.

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