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What Is Family Law?

Marital and family law encompasses paternity actions, divorce actions, alimony, child support, time sharing, child custody, equitable distribution, business valuation, stepparent adoptions, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, marital settlement agreements, post judgment enforcement actions, modification actions, domestic violence, dating violence, as well as name changes.

Why choose Sheryl Moore?

Sheryl Moore is passionate about family law. She has more than 22 years of legal experience in her chosen field.  She has represented high profile individuals throughout many corners of the globe. She has also worked on very complex cases and obtained remarkable results for her clients. She has been Board Certified by The Florida Bar since 2009 as a specialist in marital and family law, which truly sets her apart from the majority of other family law practitioners. Ms. Moore wants her clients to be happy and successful. Sheryl loves keeping in touch with clients after the conclusion of their case, which enables her to see her clients thrive personally and professionally. 

What is the Moore Rabinowitz Law’s Approach?

Moore Rabinowitz Law embraces the team approach, and it works. Their hearts are in it. Moore Rabinowitz Law cares about their clients. They want to make a positive difference in the lives of their clients. Your case is important to them because it involves all aspects of your life, your livelihood, your family, your assets, your children, and your future. We can help you to your path of wellness and success.

After intake and upon hiring, our experienced attorneys will analyze a client’s case. They will proceed to guide them through an initial assessment, to formulate and propose powerful and viable litigation strategies. The attorneys may recommend that the client work with other professionals to assist in achieving preferred outcomes. We work with skilled forensic accountants, real estate professionals, criminal law attorneys, bankruptcy counselors, commercial litigators, mental health professionals, guardians ad litem, parent coordinators, vocational experts, business valuators, to name just a few.

We ask our family law clients to copy their family law team on all communications, so urgent questions can be answered quickly and efficiently. 

Our experienced team has been proudly serving clients in the entire State of Florida and the South Florida tri county area for a combined 80 years.

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